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The Rish Outcast

For comments on podcasts that aren't the Dunesteef.

The Rish Outcast

Postby bria » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:56 pm

Same comment as with the Anklecast. I didn't see a thread, so I'm starting one.

Fake Sir Sean Connery and Arnold Schwartzenegger duet = priceless
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Re: The Rish Outcast

Postby bria » Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:03 pm

Fake Sir Sean Connery and Fake Arnold strike again! Or strike back?

For all the Rish Outcast fans out there, you better check out the 2nd to most recent episode (edited! I'm apparently not caught up). It has a fun little Easter egg (is that what it would be called?) at the end. But listen to the whole thing. You're a fan, after all.

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Re: The Rish Outcast

Postby Rish Outfield » Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:58 pm

"Funny" discovery I made today doing a search to see whether I had podcast a certain story or not. I discovered the iTunes review of the Rish Outcast (who knew that would be a thing), and one of them was quite negative. Basically they said, "He promises to have stories on his show, and that's fine, but there are far more episodes that are just him going on and on about himself and about people I don't know and things I don't care about. It's basically him recording his own therapy sessions."

Now, I could (and do) agree with everything she's said so far, but then we get to the last sentence, where she says, "For the price it costs, this is hardly worth the money. Not recommended."

I can't get behind this statement in any way. But that makes me wonder if there's actually a way to pay for the farligging Rish Outcast. Because, to my knowledge, I've not only never asked for a dime on that podcast . . . there's no way TO PAY for it, even if you wanted to. Hmmm.
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Rish Outfield
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Re: The Rish Outcast

Postby Rish Outfield » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:56 pm

Okay, I needed this for reference, so here's a (definitive?) list of all the Rish Outcasts.

Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: Subtext (Rish Outfield)
Episode 3: Beyond the Fence (Rish Outfield)
Episode 4: Knock (Fredric Brown--incentive episode)
Episode 5: All Night Gas (Rish Outfield)
Episode 6: Conversation Episode
Episode 7: One For The Road (Stephen King--incentive episode)
Episode 8: The Little Talk (Transformers PSA)
Episode 9: Mick Attends An Elementary School Carnival (Rish Outfield)
Episode 10: Fradenscheude
Episode 11: Last Night of Freedom (Rish Outfield)
Episode 12: A Goal Is A Wish Your Butt Makes
Episode 13: Sea Monkey Do
Episode 14: Birth of a Sidekick 1 (Rish Outfield)
Episode 15: Birth of a Sidekick 2 (Rish Outfield)
Episode 16: Birth of a Sidekick 3 (Rish Outfield)
Episode 17: Birth of a Sidekick 4 (Rish Outfield)
Episode 18: X-mas Show
Episode 19: The Key Collector (Rish Outfield)
Episode 20: Creature Feature (R.O.)
Episode 21: Metacast
Episode 22: Q&A 1
Episode 23: Q&A 2
Episode 24: Chasing Pavements
Episode 25: Chalupa Dale - Next Exit (R.O.)
Episode 26: A Novel in 90 Days
Episode 27: Dry Run Updated
Episode 28: Not-A-Novel
Episode 29: Boom Clap
Episode 30: Unconventional 1 (R.O.)
Episode 31: Unconventional 2 (R.O.)
Episode 32: Beggar's Canyon 1 (R.O.)
Episode 33: Beggar's Canyon 2 (R.O.)
Episode 34: The Terran Chronicles
Episode 35: Schlonz
Episode 36: The Crate (Stephen King--incentive episode)
Episode 37: The Ugly Table 1 (R.O.)
Episode 38: The Ugly Table 2 (R.O.)
Episode 39: The Trouble With Zara
Episode 40: Abram the Ghostly Friend
Episode 41: The Hocking Dead
Episode 42:
Episode 43:
Episode 44: Ask Me No Questions (Q&A 3)
Episode 45: I Think It's Your New Book!
Episode 46: Q&A 4
Episode 47: Q&A 5
Episode 48: Climb Every Mountain
Episode 49: Grey Skies Ahead
Episode 50: Sequel of a Sidekick
Episode 51: Bob A. Duke
Episode 52: I Can Try That!
Episode 53: Travels With Father
Episode 54: Old Man River (R.O.)
Episode 55: Into the Furnace Post-Mortem
Episode 56: The Big Release
Episode 57: Rest Stop (R.O.)
Episode 58: And Then What Happened?
Episode 59: Stormy Weather 1 (R.O.)
Episode 60: Stormy Weather 2 (R.O.)
Episode 61: Abject Failure - Solo Version
Episode 62: I Went Out Walking
Episode 63: Unpleasant Sensation (R.O.)
Episode 64: It's Astounding, Time is Fleeting
Episode 65: Dead Letter (R.O.)
Episode 66: Expecto Patreon!
Episode 67: Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
Episode 68: Unique Combination (R.O.)
Episode 69: Bland Ambition
Episode 70: I Went Out Riding
Episode 71: Ladies Room (R.O.)
Episode 72: To See The Invisible Man (Robert Silverberg--incentive episode)
Episode 73: Newfound Episode
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Rish Outfield
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