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Episode 190: The Tenth Album by B.D. Anklevich

Discuss the stories and banter from Dunesteef episodes.

Episode 190: The Tenth Album by B.D. Anklevich

Postby BigAnklevich » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:54 pm



Jacob was working at his record store when the bell over the door tinkled, and he looked up to see his old friend Justin come in to look at the albums. Funny thing, though, his old friend Justin died two years ago...

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about the Mandela affect, as well as...gasp...Patreon. Looks like they're asking for listener feedback on the subject.

Special thanks to Justin Charles for producing the story, and to Renee Chambliss for lending her voice to the story, as well as Gino Moretto for providing the art.
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Re: Episode 190: The Tenth Album by B.D. Anklevich

Postby NerdGasm » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:19 am

I like the idea of you guys doing a Patreon. I think I'd prefer you doing a single Dunesteef patreon - for $1 a month get the TGMG episodes, and I have no idea beyond that. Then you guys could do your individual ones too, since Rish already started one. Like, release a monthly podcast each for free, but for $1 a month get a more regular podcast and maybe the ebook versions of 1 short story per month or something?

I do support 2 patreon creators right now (Mike Bennet and Abbie Hilton). Both of them have periodic podcasts for all patrons ($1 a month and up), ebooks of current works (for Mike's, it's the periodic release of the next segment of his current book, for Abbie it's the short story of the month), and audio (Mike does podcast his current book at the $3 level and up, I think; Abbie releases audio of her short stories and a more frequent podcast at $3). There's also art on Abbie's.

Also I enjoyed the story, and I couldn't help thinking that cosmic David Bowie saved the day again. Also, a BD Anklevich story with a happy ending?! Wow. Plus, please speak more Portuguese. *swoon*
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Re: Episode 190: The Tenth Album by B.D. Anklevich

Postby AndyD273 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:47 am

I really liked the story Big. It was well done, and I think having the restraining order and the grave robbing was a good idea.
It does include one of the things that I feel is the hardest thing to pull off in a story, which is the first meeting. I think you handled it pretty good.
I really want to know why the cops were there at the wife's house.. if it was the grave or what?

I'm pretty sure I brought up Patreon to you guys 3 years ago... Mostly because I really don't like PayPal very much.
As soon as I got to the half way part of this episode I went to the Patreon website, but THERE WAS NO DUNESTEEF ENTRY.
Why has this not happened yet?

One of the podcast that I am a patron of has a daily podcast (www.dailytechnewsshow.com) that does it this way: "We work on a value for value system. Can you spare a nickle an episode? Pledge $1 a month, and that evens out to $.05 an episode. If you can give more, then great!"

Their other podcast is called CordKillers (http://www.cordkillers.com) and has 2 episodes a week. I pledge $.50 an episode, limited to $2 a month.

So just put it out there. $1, $2, $5, $10, $50 an episode, and then let people put an upper limit if they want, or you can just do a monthly amount.

Personally, I'd be willing to do $1 an episode, and then give it an upper cap depending on how my budget is doing.
That way you guys have an incentive to at least put out 1 episode a month, but if it's something like the Second Worst Marathon Ever or 13 Nights of Halloween my upper limit will keep me from getting overdrawn.

So just put the two Dunesteef channels up there for the basic $1 patrons, and you can maybe do something special for the people that pledge more, like access to any stories that you write or whatever.

If you want to see someone who I think does it very well check out the Daily Tech News Show podcast and the Cord Killers podcast.
They have a non-pushy way of letting people know, and it's basically their income.
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Re: Episode 190: The Tenth Album by B.D. Anklevich

Postby phlegmaticreflection » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:38 pm

to quote Pete Doherty "Happy endings, no they never bore me."
I was also a bit confused about why the police were there, I was almost expecting a twist ending of some kind, like the real universe version of Justin actually had got out of his coffin years ago, which is why it was empty, and had just recovered from amnesia and wandered home, killed the wife's new boyfriend or something. Nice story though, I liked it a lot.

I was listening to this in my car in ear buds, during the grave robbing scene driving to work after lunchtime and I was looking around thinking "Where's that owl hooting coming from?" I drove all the way down the street, got out the car and I was still hearing it, at one point I was convinced it was coming from a streetlight, but I couldn't see any owl perched on it. Anyway I walked into a building before I realised it was coming from the fucking podcast smh.

If you think about the Mandela effect and apply Occam's razor, then the reason this theory exists is because some people are so arrogant that they would sooner believe in alternate universes leaking into our own than admit their memory is flawed. Occam's razor is a guideline not a rule, but seems to be a very good guideline in this case given everything we know and are able to prove about the fallibility of human memory.

Thing about 11/22/63 and time being obdurate. I am a King fan but I've never read it. It does seem very reminiscent of something from another book, Lightning by Dean Koontz. "Destiny struggles to reassert the pattern that was meant to be. But sometimes, happily, it fails."
I used to read Koontz when I was a teenager, and tried to re-read one of his books I really liked; "The Bad Place" a few years back but this time around I thought it was awful, good ideas, but cringe-worthy dialogue and he uses the same tropes way too often. Still he had a good imagination.
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Re: Episode 190: The Tenth Album by B.D. Anklevich

Postby BigAnklevich » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:18 am

Just to clear it up, since two people asked the question, yeah, the police were there because of the grave. Someone noticed the disturbed earth at the grave site, told police, police then told Tracy, who told the police about the contact that she'd had with Jacob over the phone, and then Jacob showed up at the house while they were still talking about it. So, the police prepared for a possible incident between Tracy and the guy who she had a restraining order against, burst out the door and kicked his butt. The story ends before that can be explained, but it looks like you all mostly inferred that.
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